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Radio Free Golgotha is a semi-regular podcast of the occult and esoteric ramblings of Al Cummins & Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and their guests.

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August 2019 

The Doctor and the Goat will be participating in the week long Salem Summer Symposium, a celebration of Magical Education, Commerce, Community & Activism, August 3rd - 11th in historic Salem, Massachusetts. If you are interested in attending any of these classes or events, please view the VIP Pass, General Admission, and Day Pass Options on the registration page.

In addition to attending other lectures and joyously mingling with friends new and old, Al and Jesse will be presenting, sitting on a panel, and participating in the following events:

Additionally, Wolf & Goat will be vending at the Mercato Delle Streghe Market during The Black Cat Cabaret 1920’s themed Occult Costume Ball. Join us!

The Houses of the Earth (Advanced Geomancy Course) |  Speaker: Dr Alexander Cummins
Dates: August 13th, 20th, & 27th | Time: 9pm-11pm EDT
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

The Twelve Houses of the Heavens are a means of dividing the sky through which the stars wander in orbit. Specifically, they divide an entire set of conditions into twelve facets by which a situation can be assessed through divination. These Houses are known in the Latin as Vita(Life), Lucrum (Wealth), Fratres (Brothers), Genitor (Parent), Nati (Children), Valetudo (Health), Uxor (Spouse), Mors (Death), Iter (Journeys), Regnum (Kingdom), Benefacta (Friendship), and Carcer (Restrictions). Despite working by sortilege or other non-astronomical means, whether casting shield charts or house charts, knowledge of the Twelve Houses is essential in geomantic divination for navigating the facets of the querent's circumstances and, crucially, the available options for remediation or ensuring success.

Whether casting shield charts or house charts, knowledge of the Twelve Houses of the Heavens is essential in geomantic divination for navigating the facets of the querent's situation and, crucially, the available options for remediation or ensuring success.

Astrologers and geomancers alike - of various schools and specific trainings - continue to debate exact delineations. Are pets that are treated as family better found in the Fifth than the Sixth? And exactly what is the size differentiation or cut-off point between pets and/or small service animals from the large animals found in the Twelfth? (Medieval lore says the size of goat distinguishes them, but surely this raises the further question: well, how big of a goat?) In matters of witchcraft and nigromancy, when should the Twelfth be consulted and/or when should we look to the Eighth? Beyond these different emphases or details about exactly which house should be consulted for a particular matter, there is plenty to be said about the specific geomantic placements of Figures in each of the Houses.

This is exactly the sort of information that this webinar course delivers. Not simply what each House rules or concerns, but exactly what questions are best resolved in each, and precisely how the Sixteen Figures of this oracle speak in their various places. This will include detailed reading and analysis of the core texts of early modern European geomancy - the works of Christopher Cattan, John Heydon, the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy and even the summaries listed in John Case's Angelic Guide - as well as a few particular interpretative "tricks" and techniques from these sources.

In the three webinar sessions of this course, students will be taken through each of the Twelve Houses: they will be given examples of specifically geomantic approaches to elemental affinities, contraries, and conflicts; they will gain perspective on how to delve deeper into interrelations of the chart outlined by techniques such as the Via Puncti; and even presented with guidelines for magically working with particular Quesited placements to secure the blessings of a favorable reading and/or avoid the problems warned of by an unfavorable chart. 

This is course is offered to those students who have completed the Geomancy Foundation Course.

Cost: $150 | More Info here (or contact us for the payment link if you meet the pre-requisites)


A Bestiary of the Gnomes (Advanced Geomancy Course) |  Speaker: Dr Alexander Cummins
Dates: August 21st, 28th, Sept 4th, & 11th | Time: 9pm - 10:30pm EDT
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

An animalia heraldry of geomantic spell-craft in sixteen totem beasts:

Eye of newt and toe of frog... The pre-modern world - prior to the division of natural philosophy into mutually exclusive categories like "science" and "sorcery" - looked at the meanings and magics of animals in a somewhat different manner than today. Literacy in the 'emblematic' meanings of beasts allowed one to read interplays of folklore, occult cosmology and nascent zoology simultaneously, in the cunning of the fox, in the wisdom of the owl, in the hearts' blood of the pelican. The heraldic comprehension and articulation of fauna sign, spirit, and signal fluttered across battlefields upon banners, were emblazoned upon wedding decorations of political marriages, and declared long-standing pacts, purviews, and power. They also filtered into the common idiom and secret cants alike of speech, thought, and culture.

Wool of bat and tongue of dog... The attuned thaumaturge should be adept at harvesting and deploying materia magica of apt occult virtue for the accomplishment of their operations - from the potent underlying secrets of roots and gems to the mysteries of leaves, barks, shoots, fruits, and seeds. And yet it is sometimes said the quickest - that is, the most enlivened and vitally transmutational - spell components are those of animals who have lived lives embodying the elemental virtues with which the sorcerer seeks to conjure.

Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting... In this course we will examine sixteen totem animals - four Beasts, four Birds, four Fish, and four Crawling Ones - corresponding to the virtues and spirits of the Sixteen Figures of the oracle of geomancy. We will investigate their values as familiar shapes, as living mandala-emissaries of their Figure's forms and forces, and study the use of certain preparations of their bodies and spirits in operative geomantic spell-craft.

This is course is offered to those students who have completed the Geomancy Foundation Course.

Cost: $150 | More Info here (or contact us for the payment link if you meet the pre-requisites)


September 2019

Intro. to Brazilian Quimbanda Seminar |  Speaker: Jesse Hathaway Diaz
Dates: Sept 14th & Sept 28th (Saturday Section) or Sept 9th, 16th, 23rd, & 30th (Monday Section) | Time: 3pm-6pm EDT (Saturday) or 9pm-10:30pm EDT (Monday)
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

Devils and Whores, Murderers and Thieves, Clerics and Sorcerers. These are the 'Good People' of Quimbanda, the spirits of earth and fire that stir lust and desire, grant luck and vengeance, and protect those who serve them. Statues and iron tridents covered in palm oil and blood, the air thick with tobacco and the smell of cachaça and gunpowder in the air- what *is* Quimbanda? 

Quimbanda is a spiritual system born in and because of Brazil itself: a child of West African magic and world-view mixed with Indigenous plant and spirit lore and some glossings of European witchcraft and sorcery. Originally a possession cult focusing on spirit contact and pragmatic workings, it has become a complex system incorporated into Umbanda and some lineages of Candomble, as well as surviving as its own practice. It has gained increasing popularity in the past few years due to material now available in English, but initiates are few and far between here in the States. 

Drawing from his knowledge and experience as a Tata Quimbanda, Tata Apokan will explore the worldview and spirits of Quimbanda, going into the various Exus and Pomba Giras that find their home here at the crossroads of Fire. We will discuss its history and influences, and the nature and qualities of the Seven Kingdoms and how to approach them. We will discuss the importance of possession and divination, and showcase a few workings of traditional Quimbanda- everything from love and binding spells to protective and aggressive magics. Finally we will look at the day to day of the terreiro (temple) and as well as the tools, technologies, and initiatic rituals of this rich magical system.

This webinar will be taught in English.

The same information will be covered in each 'section', and the price is for a complete unit (either the two Saturdays, or the four Mondays). The information will build upon the previous session, so commitment to all the dates of a given section is important.

Cost: $121 | Register Here

Cipriano na Meia Noite: Saint Cyprian in Quimbanda |  Speaker: Jesse Hathaway Diaz
Date: September 25th, on the Vespers of the Sorcerer Saint | Time: 9pm-12am EDT
Online Class through Wolf & Goat

Saint Cyprian, São Cipriano- the Sorcerer Saint, has enjoyed an upswelling in popularity in the anglosphere in the last few years, in no small part to the increased translations and new material in English on the Saint. In Latin America, the Saint has always been strong- his associations with the various eponymous 'Books of Cyprian'- the Black, the Silver, the True, etc. But within Brazilian lore comes the additional incorporation of our Saint into the sorceries and spirit pacts of Quimbanda, and especially his tutelage by the spirit known as Exu Meia Noite. Thus, São Cipriano o Quimbandeiro is born- a saint who is now said to have been practicing macumba, a feiticeiro, to be a quimbandeiro!

Quimbanda is a spiritual system born in and because of Brazil itself: a child of West African magic and world-view mixed with Indigenous plant and spirit lore and some glossings of European witchcraft and sorcery. Originally a possession cult focusing on spirit contact and pragmatic workings, it has become a complex system incorporated into Umbanda and some lineages of Candomble, as well as surviving and growing as its own practice. 

This class is an offering to the Saint himself, that glorious pupil of Meia Noite who, when faced with the power of Christianity, is said to have converted to gain access to its mysteries- but is also said never to have abandoned his old ways. This is the path of the heretic- and indeed our Saint can been seen as Heiromartyr and Heresiarch, for here both hands work towards the aim of the sorcerer- here power is the aim, and with the Saint, discipline to wield it. 

While spoken of as an Exu by some within Quimbanda, this must be elaborated. Cyprian was taught by an Exu, and is not an Exu himself....or is he?Where does that leave us? What exactly, who exactly is Saint Cyprian in Quimbanda, this Cyprian at Midnight? This is what this class will explore.

• Who *is* São Cipriano the Quimbandeiro?
• What is his connection to the spirits of Quimbanda? 
• What is his relationship with Exu Meia Noite? 
• What can the ponto riscado of Saint Cyprian tell us?
• Who is the spirit called Pai Cipriano?

We will also explore the various offerings that can be made to the Saint through the methodologies and cosmologies of Quimbanda, whether someone has an established practice with Exu and Pomba Gira or is outside the cult proper. For let us be clear- if you are engaging the tools and methods and spirits of Quimbanda, even if it is to 'borrow' the ponto riscado of Cyprian, while you are doing so, you are acting as a Quimbandeiro!

The goal of this class is to celebrate and elucidate this Cyprian at Midnight- to dispel some of the myth as well as genuinely look at the role of the Saint within the cult. It is not an invitation to work with him, nor an open call to work Quimbanda. This is an information based class that will explain and explore our Sorcerer Saint. Some familiarity with Cyprian of Antioch, but not necessarily Quimbanda, is recommended. 

On the Vespers of the Great Saint himself, this class will run for three hours, ending at midnight- the start of the Feast proper of this patron of necromancy, sorcery, and Christo-magic.

This webinar will be taught in English.
Cost: $77 | Register Here

November 2019

Geomancy Foundation Course |  Speaker: Dr. Alexander Cummins
Dates: Nov 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th & Dec 3rd | Time:9pm-11pm EST
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

Geomancy is made up of just sixteen Figures: The Gain, The Loss, The Joy, The Sorrow, The Greater Fortune, The Lesser Fortune, The Red, The White, The Dragon's Tail, The Dragon's Head, The Way, The Crowd, The Boy, The Girl, The Crossroads, and The Cell. From this simple vocabulary comes a complex and highly nuanced system of contextualized divination- one that many modern magicians know about, but many might like to know further.

At its height in the Renaissance, geomancy was one of the most popular and well-regarded forms of divination. It was the preferred oracle of monarchs and sages. Occult philosophers swore by it as one of the most accurate and insightful oracles available. While geomancy’s earliest origins lie in Arabic traditions, it swiftly became popular across Europe in the late medieval period, and bears many similarities to West African geomantic traditions of divination, and has spread all over the globe in various forms.

One of the foundations of Western Magic, the art and craft of geomancy has often been overlooked- and here Dr. Alexander Cummins will break down the values and virtues of this system to students of all abilities and experience. It offers tips, tools and techniques for learning and improving skills in divination, and is a vital expression of the Western magical concepts of the Four Elements, Seven Planets, and Twelve Houses of Heaven.

Geomancy examines the roles of the planets in our daily lives, and while it utilizes the language and expression of astrology, is not dependent on astronomical measure. Our questions are answered in this familiar language of the stars, showing how these titanic forces are playing out in our lives. It is not a replacement for astrology (rather, its "Sister" oracle), although many of the terms will be famliar to an astrologer. No previous knowledge of astrology or sorcery is needed to take this course, on the other hand, the Good Doctor's explorations and presentation of the art should refresh and enliven those already familiar with these crafts and even geomancy itself.

Geomancy is a versatile oracle, and can be be consulted using simple pocket tools such as dice, coins, or sticks; or by scribbling on paper; as well as in formal rituals of marking in sand, dirts and dusts. In addition to methodology, the figures, and interpretation, this course lays the foundation for future seminars expanding upon these fundamentals.

Advanced Geomantic Classes include:
Sixteen Spells, mentorship and personalised coaching in geomantic spellcraft
The Houses of the Earth, a look at the twelve houses and geomantic approaches to affinities, contraries, conflicts, and remediations.
The Earth Shall Hold Them Close, a geomantic approach to ancestry and working with the Dead
A Bestiary of the Gnomes, an exploration of geomantic animal heraldry and spellcraft
A Garden of the Gnomes, an exploration of geomantic herbal correspondences and spellcraft
A Lapidary of the Gnomes, an exploration of geomantic stone correspondences and spellcraft
Shielding, a detailed journey into the the realm of the crossed and afflicted, for defence and cleansing through geomantic diagnosis, description and remediation
Here Be Dragons, an in depth look at the figures of Cauda and Caput Draconis

To participate in these and other future advanced Geomancy classes, you must have taken this Foundation Course.

Cost: $116 | Register Here

December 2019

Gifts of the Magi: The Three Kings in Grimoiric and Folk Magic |  Speaker: Dr. Alexander Cummins
Dates: Tuesdays- Dec 5th, 12th & 19th | Time:9pm-11pm EST
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh- these are the traditional gifts of the Three Holy Kings to the infant Christ - but what else did Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar give to us? What can these Magi teach us? What is their legacy to modern magicians? What can we learn from them, their cultus, and the various folklores and traditions and grimoires that invoke their name and aid? Join their Journey in this three part course on the ‘gifts’ of the Three Magi in grimoiric and folk magical traditions and techniques around the world, across the centuries.

From blessing and empowering your home, journeys, altars, and magical operations, to methodologies of working with the shades of dead magicians, this course is offered as an act of devotion to these powerful spirits, and to empower those who seek to work with them.

This tripartite course mirrors the three acts - the Journey, the Adoration, and the Return - of the Three Kings. We will be looking at folkloric hagiographies of this Pilgrimage, including details such as the association of the Magi with three-part crossroads of the trivium. We will analyse the magical workings contained in various grimoires and spellbooks invoking the Three Kings - workings of safe travel, of spirit conjuration, and of protection. Ultimately this journey alongside the Kings will take students through various magical means of consecrating and empowering themselves, their materia, and their rituals.

Of particular note is the potential of the Magi as co-journeyers on our path, working them as patron saints for connecting and engaging with the ghosts of our sorcerous forebears. 

For they are, after all, The Magi. The Kings. The Wise Men. Thrice-named. Navigators of the Heavenly, Singers of the Star. Adorers of Majesty Upon The Earth. The First Pilgrims of the Son of the Light in Midwinter. Protectors of Travelers and Patrons of Inns and Where Three Roads Meet. Twelfth Night Watchmen. Riders of the Camel, and of the Horse, and of the Elephant. Bearers of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. The Epiphanous Ones. We may know the Three Magi of the Nativity in many ways, for they have been invoked in cultus from the very beginnings of the Christian faith - invoked in explicitly eschatological, ancestral, astrological and folk necromantic fashions.

The sessions will be structured into three two-hour webinar classes. The price of admission also includes a copy of Dr Cummins' A Book of the Magi: Lore, Prayers & Spellcraft of the Three Holy Kings (Revelore Press, 2018) and the costs of domestic shipping, for further resources and analysis of their magic.

Cost: $150 | Register Here

Woman Clothed with the Sun: The Magic of the Virgin of Guadalupe |  Speaker: Jesse Hathaway Diaz
Dates: Dec 9th, 2019 | Time:9pm-12am EST
Online Webinar Series through Wolf & Goat

Cuix amo nican nicà nimonantzin? 
No estoy yo aqu’ que soy tu madre?
Am I not here, I who am your mother?
- words of the Virgin to Juan Diego, recorded in the Nican Mopohua

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Tonantzin, Express of the Americas, Tecuantlaxopeuh, Tecuatlanopeah, Coatlaxopeuh, Protectress of Unborn Children, the Woman Clothed with the Sun...Only ten years after the gruesome conquest of the Aztecs, an indigenous peasant was walking by the hill of Tepeyac, past the former temple of Coatlicue, the Aztec Earth Mother, and heard the voice of a noble woman commanding him to come to her. She spoke to him in his native tongue and identified herself as the Mother of Teotl-Dios (using both the indigenous and Castillian Spanish words for divinity). She asked a temple be built to her on that site, and Juan Diego left to consult the Bishop. Thus began a series of visits from the Virgin to the Saint Juan Diego over the next four days. When asked for proof of the vision, the Virgin filled the tilma (cloak) of Juan Diego with Castillian roses, not native to these continents, and in full bloom in December. When he went before the bishop, and unfurled his tilma, the roses fell out and the famous image of the Virgin was emblazoned upon the maguey cloth of his cloak.

This apparition of the Virgin Mary has a profound relationship with the Christians of the New World, and from the beginning of her cult has been a pivot point between the Catholic Spanish and the Indigenous Pagan cosmologies, bridging them, one giving birth to the other and like Mexico herself, creating a child of two worlds. While some might claim overt syncretism, and others, covert masking, the Virgin is considered officially to be an image of the Immaculate Conception, aligning with the Woman of the Apocalypse in Revelation 12:1.

The cult has always been wrought with controversy for its merging of the indigenous and spanish elements. In the late 1570s, the Franciscan historian Bernardino de Sahagún denounced the cult and the use of the name Tonantzín itself:

At this place [Tepeyac], [the Indians] had a temple dedicated to the mother of the gods, whom they called Tonantzin, which means Our Mother. There they performed many sacrifices in honor of this goddess...And now that a church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is built there, they also call her Tonantzin, being motivated by the preachers who called Our Lady, the Mother of God, Tonantzin. It is not known for certain where the beginning of this Tonantzin may have originated, but this we know for certain, that, from its first usage, the word means that ancient Tonantzin. And it is something that should be remedied, for the correct [native] name of the Mother of God, Holy Mary, is not Tonantzin, but Dios inantzin. It appears to be a Satanic invention to cloak idolatry under the confusion of this name, Tonantzin.

In the past nearly 500 years of devotion to Our Lady, a huge tradition of folk magic has been preserved, developed, and propagated that revolve around Her and the miraculous image. These traditions reflect the mythic history of Mexico herself- namely the culture of the mestizaje. It is this blending of Indigenous and European traditions that gives Mexican magic its particular flavor. And this Virgin, who is said to be the Universal Mother that all can approach, has permeated all of Mexican culture itself, both out of attraction and repulsion. 

This course will be a three hour exploration of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the history of her cultus and a broad survey of magics and folk catholocisms that celebrate her miraculous power. We will explore:

  • the Nican Mopohua, the account of the apparitions

  • the details of the image itself

  • explore the cosmology of colonial Mexico, being a merging of Catholic and Indigenous worldviews

  • discuss her relationship to Tonantzin Coatlicue, and to other deities and folk-saints, such as la Santa Muerte

  • detail how a devotional shrine can be set up to her to celebrate her Feast, which is two days after the class meets

  • give workings and folklore around the Virgin for love, wealth, protection, and power

Cost: $60 | Register Here