Radio Free Golgotha

Radio Free Golgotha is a semi-regular podcast of the occult and esoteric ramblings of Al Cummins & Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and their guests.

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Your hosts have a friendship based in discussion, debate, extrapolation, references, allegory and the occasional pomposity. Since most of our conversations are heavily reliant on outside references and tangential allusions, in creating the podcast we decided to allow ourselves a red thread- linking our discussions to various topics. 

Each episode is brought to you by different subjects, which we fully intend on getting to in whole or in part- we challenge ourselves to rely on non-scripted interest in these prompts, and enjoy musing on their import, relevance, and relationship.

We also wanted footnotes. (We're still trying to figure that out!) Because so often a conversation can be derailed by stopping to explain things, and we are more interested in revealing sources and proposing relevant links and books and other media to have everyone join the conversation- we thought annotating each episode could be a great way to further the discussion.

That said, we also have a FB Group called 'Folk Necromancy' which discusses similar ideas as we do on the podcast, if further explorations are of interest.


Each episode is brought to you by different topics, our golgothite sesame-streeting prompts. While we try to hit all of the topics, this is never the priority, instead spending time where the journey takes us. This not only keeps us interested without the need of exposition, but also gives us a lovely schema to hang our thoughts upon. 

Centering around a specific Feast or Holy Day, the 'Grand Schema' of each episode then, is guided by certain lamp posts and caterpillars:

  • Saint- those hallowed dead whose intercede, allowing a fullness of exploration into orthodox, as well as syncretic and heretical practice

  • Demon/Spirit- a demon, for what is life without balance, and often a corresponding spirit from parallel traditions linked by syncretism

  • Herb- those green growing things that lend their virtue to the witch, sorcerer, and magician

  • Stone- the citizens of the earth whose virtue may be similarly harnessed

  • Dead Magician- those in whose communion and footsteps we now tread, both historical and mythopoetic Dead who continue to inspire and teach

  • Geomantic Figure- one of the sixteen geomantic figures of classical European Geomancy, leading to discussions in parallel practices of the greater geomantic family, most often including the corresponding Odú from the Orishá traditions and others

  • Tarot Trump- a card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, one of the core 'symbol sets' of the Western Mystery traditions

  • Type of Magic- those broader and narrower topics of 'categories' of magical specialization and reference, allowing focus on things like candle magic, or relics, or weather charms, etc.

And here, all these in part or whole, and our own interests and mind-worms and imaginings, are brought before the gallows of recorded media. 

All in accordance with the Prophecy.