Radio Free Golgotha

Radio Free Golgotha is a semi-regular podcast of the occult and esoteric ramblings of Al Cummins & Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and their guests.


An ever expanding list of red threads through the labyrinth...

Blogs We Write & Curate, Stores We Own

Endnotes- The blog of Dr. Alexander Cummins with writings on necromancy and the philosophy of history, contained within his larger website.

Serpent Shod- The blog of Jesse Hathaway Diaz, exploring diverse topics from occult herbalism to Quimbanda and folk Catholicism.

Grimoires on Tape - A storehouse of pdfs and txts of scanned primary sources of the history of magic, folklore, divination and medicine, curated by Dr Cummins. 

Wolf & Goat- A store specializing in esoteric materia magica and occult products, of which Jesse (the Goat) is a co-proprietor of with Troy Chambers (the Wolf). 

London Conjure - A conjurehouse offering readings and various magical products and services, for which Dr Cummins moonlights.

Blogs We Read Regularly

Italian Folk Magic - an exploration of italianità as it is found both within and without Italy, drawn from academic sources which I seek to make accessible to a wider audience, authored by Mallorie Vaudoise (to whom Al has the distinct pleasure of being married).

Enfolding - Phil Hine and friends talk tantra, gender, history, post-colonialism, book reviews and queer/ing theories. 

Larkfall - Phil Legard offers up a gallimaufry of occult philosophy, hauntology, historical magic, psychogeography, experimental music theory and recording projects, and much more.

Digital Ambler- the blog of Sam Block covering diverse topics, notably geomancy, ceremonial magic, hermeticism, and occult philosophy.

Papers Falling From An Attic Window - one of the best grimoire hound sites around, Dan Harms offers inter alia book reviews and historical analysis.

The Thinker's Garden - a beautiful site of essays, interviews, and reviews celebrating 'all forms of enchantment in the arts and humanities'.

Podcasts We Listen to Regularly

New World Witchery-  a show dedicated to the exploration of American witchcraft

Occult of Personality- the longstanding podcast exploring the realms of the occult and esoteric with authors and experts in the field

Rune Soup- the weekly podcast of the erudite Gordon White discussing magic, culture, geopolitics, anthropology and the paranormal.

We have had the pleasure of working with the following publishers, each unique and a pleasure to work with. We of course recommend them heartily, especially any titles we're a part of!

Scarlet Imprint- a talismanic publisher committed to helping inspire an 'artistic and intellectual revivification in modern magical practice'

Hadean Press- noted occult publisher of books, journals, and pamphlets

Revelore Press- Revelore's inspiration is encoded in their very name: revel in lore. It is home to the Folk Necromancy in Transmission Series (co-edited by your hosts & Dr. Jenn Zarht), which included the Cypriana Series and Dr. Al's Book of the Magi. Revelore is also home to the Verdant Gnosis series for which Jesse has written many times. 

Groups We Frequent

Folk Necromancy- A Fb group run by your fair (yet foul) hosts. Join us in discussing the practices, philosophies, histories, and methodologies of necromancy, nigromancy, spirit conjuration, ghost-lore, charm-craft, demonology, and working the Dead in world traditions- extant, extinct, historical, literary, and revived. (In accordance with The Prophecy.)
Attendants of Adrasteia- A group for the discussion of Goetic Magic in the context initially delineated in the Encyclopedia Goetica.
The Wolf & Goat Forum on Facebook dedicated to discussing Wolf & Goat's products, methodology, and praxis, both intended and discovered. 

Current Favorite Teas*

Al- Black Rose and French Earl Grey, both from T2

Jesse- Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate  and Iron Goddess of Mercy from Art of Tea

* in which we heretically include non-teas like mates and herbal tisanes in addition to 'true' teas