Radio Free Golgotha

Radio Free Golgotha is a semi-regular podcast of the occult and esoteric ramblings of Al Cummins & Jesse Hathaway Diaz, and their guests.


An ever expanding list of red threads through the labyrinth...

Blogs We Write & Curate, Stores We Own

Endnotes- The blog of Dr. Alexander Cummins with writings on necromancy and the philosophy of history, contained within his larger website.

Serpent Shod- The blog of Jesse Hathaway Diaz, exploring diverse topics from occult herbalism to Quimbanda and folk Catholicism.

Grimoires on Tape - A storehouse of pdfs and txts of scanned primary sources of the history of magic, folklore, divination and medicine, curated by Dr Cummins. 

Wolf & Goat- A store specializing in esoteric materia magica and occult products, of which Jesse (the Goat) is a co-proprietor of with Troy Chambers (the Wolf). 

London Conjure - A conjurehouse offering readings and various magical products and services, for which Dr Cummins moonlights.

Blogs We Read Regularly

Starry Cave- the blog of good friend and celebrated author, Dr. Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, his thoughts andwords on a variety of themes, often traditional in character, along with book reviews, spontaneous ponderings, short stories, and articles related to his store, Sacred Alchemy.

Paese Ombra- an exploration of italianità as it is found both within and without Italy, drawn from academic sources which I seek to make accessible to a wider audience, authored by Mallorie Vaudoise (to whom Al has the distinct pleasure of being married).

Enfolding - Phil Hine and friends talk tantra, gender, history, post-colonialism, book reviews and queer/ing theories. 

Larkfall - Phil Legard offers up a gallimaufry of occult philosophy, hauntology, historical magic, psychogeography, experimental music theory and recording projects, and much more.

Digital Ambler- the blog of Sam Block covering diverse topics, notably geomancy, ceremonial magic, hermeticism, and occult philosophy.

Papers Falling From An Attic Window - one of the best grimoire hound sites around, Dan Harms offers inter alia book reviews and historical analysis.

The Thinker's Garden - a beautiful site of essays, interviews, and reviews celebrating 'all forms of enchantment in the arts and humanities'.

Podcasts We Listen to Regularly

New World Witchery-  a show dedicated to the exploration of American witchcraft

Occult of Personality- the longstanding podcast exploring the realms of the occult and esoteric with authors and experts in the field

Rune Soup- the weekly podcast of the erudite Gordon White discussing magic, culture, geopolitics, anthropology and the paranormal.

We have had the pleasure of working with the following publishers, each unique and a pleasure to work with. We of course recommend them heartily, especially any titles we're a part of!

Scarlet Imprint- a talismanic publisher committed to helping inspire an 'artistic and intellectual revivification in modern magical practice'

Hadean Press- noted occult publisher of books, journals, and pamphlets

Rubedo Press- dedicated to classical and contemporary works 'animated by the sophianic fire', mixing the rigor of academia with the passions of the esoteric and occult

Groups We Frequent

Folk Necromancy- A Fb group run by your fair (yet foul) hosts. Join us in discussing the practices, philosophies, histories, and methodologies of necromancy, nigromancy, spirit conjuration, ghost-lore, charm-craft, demonology, and working the Dead in world traditions- extant, extinct, historical, literary, and revived. (In accordance with The Prophecy.)
Attendants of Adrasteia- A group for the discussion of Goetic Magic in the context initially delineated in the Encyclopedia Goetica.
The Wolf & Goat Forum on Facebook dedicated to discussing Wolf & Goat's products, methodology, and praxis, both intended and discovered. 

Current Favorite Teas*

Al- Black Rose and French Earl Grey, both from T2

Jesse- Cruz de Malta Yerba Mate  and Iron Goddess of Mercy from Art of Tea

* in which we heretically include non-teas like mates and herbal tisanes in addition to 'true' teas